Finding the right help at the right time is important! Below is a list of resources that may be of help for you or your child.

Helpful Links

Educational Interventions and Recommendations

Explore the following categories for helpful resources to supplement learning, socio-emotional development, and attentional/executive functioning.

Parenting and Mental Wellness

Dr. Jillian Roberts and her team have created useful courses to help families navigate our increasingly complicated world.

Try our mental health courses today!

Blog posts

Want more information about how to talk to your child about the assessment process? The results? How to navigate the IEP or student aid Appendix 8 process? We have a blog for that.


Dr. Roberts’ books have been published in seven languages and have reached best-seller status having sold over 120,000 copies world wide. She has written on a number of tough topics in a language that helps you discuss these issues with your children.