Alex Roberts

Counselling Intern, MEd

Alex is currently working toward a Master’s in Counselling Psychology through The University of Victoria. She enjoys a collaborative approach to counselling, in which clients can explore and develop new ways of thinking, feeling, and relating in a supportive and empowering therapeutic relationship. Specializing in clients who identify as LGBTQ+ or are exploring new gender and sexual identities, she is available for in-person sessions as well as telephone and video sessions.

When not working, she can usually be found enjoying leisurely nature walks, reading fantasy novels, or playing video games.

Types of therapy offered: A blend of solution-focused, experiential, narrative, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Ages or Specific groups of clients: Adolescent and adult clients, particularly those who are LGBTQ+ or are exploring gender and sexual orientation.

Group, Family, couple or individuals: Individuals

Specializations: Anxiety, depression, identity development, interpersonal challenges, grief and loss, and life transitions