Chelsea has a Masters of Educational Studies from the University of British Columbia with a specialization in youth identity development through civic engagement and is working toward registration with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.  
Chelsea has a focus on supporting grieving children and families through the illness and the death of someone close to them. She believes that caring and informed counselling support can help people process this difficult experience in ways that can lead to a healthy relationship with death and deepen family and community connections. Her goal is to enable children and their caregivers to understand their problems and co-create solutions through compassionate listening, education, and skill building. Chelsea draws on her experience as a death doula, guiding people through end-of-life, and as a youth worker designing and facilitating community and school-based programs like Roots of Empathy, to support children and youths’ social emotional well-being including anxiety, self-esteem, issues of identity and belonging, and life transitions. 
Chelsea brings a heart-centred, collaborative, and strength-based approach to counselling, drawing from cognitive-behavioral therapy, narrative, and person-centred approaches. She is committed to building her cultural humility through continuing education and reflection and strives to create counselling experiences that honor everyone’s diversity, including supporting folx who are Two Spirit LGBTQIA+.  
Chelsea lives in Victoria with her husband and two children where she loves to watch baking shows with her family, though her own recipes don’t usually turn out as well as the ones on tv!

Ages or Specific groups of clients: children, youth, and adults

Group, Family, couple, or individuals: Individuals

Specializations: Grief and loss, life transitions, anxiety, self-esteem and belonging